Hygiene In And Around Babies

The little bundles of joy teach us a lesson or two on how to live life but at the same time they are observing and picking up a lot from their surroundings and from us. Even, when we feel that what do babies under a year old understand and how can they pick up habits or actions from them, we are actually underestimating their potential. Babies are very sharp and from day one they are taking in their environment and learning from observations. So, if we want to teach them good habits and values, then we must inculcate them first within us and the babies will automatically learn.

Practicing and maintaining hygiene can also be taught to toddlers by setting an example. Hygiene is very crucial especially when babies are small as they are easily prone to infections. Hygiene as far as handling babies is concerned must be strictly maintained. Newly born must be held or touched only after washing hands thoroughly and sanitising them too. Since bacteria and in turn infections easily spread through hands, since they touch all kinds of surfaces and things, washing of hands must be strictly followed. Similarly, while bathing hygiene must be followed. An area often ignored is cleaning of gums and mushrooming teeth. The gums must be rubbed and cleaned gently and a baby brush can be used on the advice of dentists.

Setting a regular routine for cleaning and brushing teeth and gums will reduce future visits to dentist South Yarra for problems. The ears and nose must also be cleaned regularly. Care must be taken to ensure that water does not enter the ears while bathing or playing. Usage of ear buds must be avoided in babies. The mucous in the nose needs to be cleaned and a damp cloth can be used to remove dried mucous from the nose.

Additional care must be taken while cleaning soiled diapers and the area must be thoroughly wiped clean but with a gentle hand. Measures must be taken against diaper rash by keeping the area dry, clean and moisturised regularly. Apart from personal hygiene the toys and objects a baby plays with must be washed at regular intervals. As babies tend to put everything in their mouth and they are susceptible to infection from toys. Hygiene is very important in babies as their immune system is weak and maintaining hygiene around them is equally important.

Babies are precious gifts of God that need to be nurtured and cared for. Babies are an epitome of innocence, joy, happiness and love. Their actions are not based on any desires or motives. That is why it is often said that we adults must learn to be child like to enjoy the simple pleasures of life.