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Eugenia Mitrakas is a worldwide attorney and notary public based in Melbourne. She provides excellent notarial services and legal administrations to customers in Melbourne’s CBD and throughout the city’s southern pastoral regions. She can help you develop your personal and marketable business interests because she has extensive travel and dedicated certify documents Melbourne felony abilities.

Our business is always available to assist, whether or not you require assistance with a power of attorney or advice on a public or marketable enterprise issue. We believe that by establishing solid captivity foundations, you can receive stupendous most provident benefits. If you get the right advice from the start, you may be able to avoid costly company problems or actions.

Eugenia Mitrakas OAM, Principal Lawyer, received a parchment in both law and arts from the University of Melbourne. For the past four decades, Helen probate lawyer south Melbourne has had a solitary mentor. The woman has had significant achievement as a criminal adviser in Greek and other surrounding neighbourhoods.

Helen was awarded the Order of Victoria in the beginning of ninety’s for her services to the Greek population by the Australian Greek Assistance Club (now Prone), the Australian Greek Club for the Preservation of the Older people, and The Hellenic certify documents Melbourne Scholars Council.

Victoria has held positions on the Executive Committee of Observers, the Melbourne Justice Institute, Care, Prone, and the Greek Foreign Legislative and Medical Conferences, among others. Penelope was the first Greek girl in this nation to engage in jurisprudence.

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Eugenia was previously a member of the Society of Notaries’ Committee, comparable to two expressions as President, for nearly 15 years. She is the only woman who has ever held the position of Society President. Honours and Awards Include certify documents Melbourne on the Honour Hellenic Distinction 1992 (Professional Category) Order of Australia 1997 Board of notable former University of Melbourne Law School council scholars (OAM).

In 2002, the Hellenic Chamber of Commerce presented me with the Business Excellence Award. A finalist for Sole Practitioner of the Year 2019 in the Women in Law Awards; featured in the academy’s original portrayal Gallery.


They had been the judiciary Society of Australia Council’s first culturally diverse woman and sole specialist. The woman presided over the Acceptance of Practitioners Group, the Collective of Observers, and the estate counsel southward Melbourne Wine Registration Council during her nine years of service on the Council. We founded probate lawyer south Melbourne and oversaw the Court Mediator Administrations Council.

The Federal Approval Commission for Interpreters and Workers in Australia has been established as an outgrowth of this Committee’s proposal to the government. Several decades earlier Victoria’s first female Notary Public.

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